Jagannath Devotees Walk From Rajasthan To Puri Only To Find Temple Doors Locked

Puri: Faith has no bounds and wise men say the ultimate test of faith is how you overcome the obstacles in achieving your goal.

Here is what happened to two ardent devotees of Lord Jagannath from Rajasthan. Ram Singh Bhagat and Jai Singh Mina set out on an arduous journey to Odisha from their home state on foot with the single-minded aim of ‘darshan’ of the Lord.

They started on November 3 last year and after an almost 300-day  and 2300 kilometers journey, they reached Chandnapur only to find that Jagannath Temple is closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic.

“My family refused me permission to travel to Puri on foot the first three times. However, this time, I sneaked out of my house without their knowledge,” said Ram Singh Bhagat of Rajasthan’s Karauli.

According to Mina, they encountered the pandemic when they reached the Chattisgarh-Odisha border.

“We were a bit disappointed to hear that the Temple is closed due to the pandemic. We have travelled a long way, only if we could get some assistance from the local administration,” he added.

The duo claim they were attacked on the way but they believe that they were saved by the grace of  Lord Jagannath.

“This is the first time we have come to Puri. We just pray to Lord Jagannath to heal this world of the disease,” said Mina.

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