‘Rahurekha Lagi’ Ritual: Jagannath Temple To Shut Doors For 5 Hours On Aug 21, 23

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Puri: Jagannath Temple here will remain out of bounds for devotees for five hours on August 21 and 23 for the special ritual of Rahurekha Lagi.

According to sources, entry to the temple will be restricted from 2 pm to 7 pm on August 21. This ritual will be performed at Dwitiya Bhoga Mandap in the temple.

Likewise, on August 23, which is also the auspicious occasion of Janmastami, the ritual will be held from 6 pm to 11 pm. It is only after 11 pm that the devotees can have darshan of the sibling deities.

Rahurekha Lagi of the deities is conducted on Bhaadraba Krushnapakhya Panchami. The sides of the faces of the deities are adorned with line-shaped golden Rahurekha.

Notably, Rahurekha is a type of golden ornament worn on the face and forehead.





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