‘Just Ignore’ Says Sonam Kapoor To Tweets Of Her Not Following Quarantine Rules

London: Sonam Kapoor, Twitter and trolls go hand in hand. The Bollywood actress who is now in London with her husband got moral policing by a twitter user on Sunday, July 19.

The actress on Friday shared a video of herself in her garden and working from home. To this, a Twitter user, Asjad Nazir called the actress for not following quarantine rules.

He also pointed out actress Mouni Roy, who is also in London. He wrote,” “Meanwhile in London: Indian actresses Sonam Kapoor and Mouni Roy breaking strict 14-day quarantine laws, putting lives in danger & setting bad example by sharing on social media. Both can potentially get arrested if reported to police (sic).”

Coming to Sonam’s defence, another Twitter user who goes by the Id @SunoMili, in turn, called out Asjad tweeting, “Chill Bhai. Sonam is quarantining…she’s working around her house. Maybe see her insta story from today where she clearly says both her and Anand are working from home Face with rolling eyes (sic).”

This is when Sonam decided to jump in and clear the air. Retweeting Suno Mili’s tweet, she wrote, “I’m in my own garden attached to my building dude.. fully quarantining.. people have too much time.. just ignore.”

And, this is how another troll got silent and the tale of trolls, twitter, and Sonam Kapoor ended for the day.

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