‘Kaliya Dalana’ Ritual At Jagannath Temple In Odisha’s Puri Today

Puri: A day after the Lords at the Shree Jatannath Temple in Odisha’s Puri were attired in ‘Banabhoji Besha’, ‘Kaliya Dalana’ ritual was performed in the 12th century shrine on Sunday.

According to the Hindu calendar, today is the auspicious Krushnapaksha Ekadasi when Lord Jagannath’s Kaliya Dalana rituals and killing of Dhenukasura are being held.

On the eve of Kaliya Dalana, the deities were adorned with ‘Banabhoji Besha’ on Saturday. Another ritual the ‘Kolibika niti’ (selling berries ritual) was conducted by the servitors. Thereafter, Bakasura and Arghasura’s killing rituals followed. For this Lord Jagannath was attired as ‘Balagopala’ and Balabhadra decorated in ‘Balaram besha’.

As part of the rituals on Sunday, Madanmohan and Ramkrushna servitors escorted the Lords outside. The Pushpalak servitors brought the deities to the ‘Jhulan Mandap’.

The Lords then do a ‘parikrama’ around the Srimandir and then head towards the ‘Labani khiya’ mandap on Lokanath road. After welcoming the Lords and offering ‘Sitala bhoga’ Lords will enter the Markanda Puskarini (pond) for Kalia Dalana ritual.

In this ritual the multi-hooded serpent will be brought under control by the Lords. After few other rituals the Lords would be taken back to the ‘Ratna Singhasana’ – the bejewelled throne – and attired in Kaliya Dalana Besha.


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