Know How Odisha Honeytrap Kingpin Archana Nag Is Spending Time In Jharpada Jail

Bhubaneswar: Archana Nag, the alleged honeytrap racket kingpin who acquired properties worth Rs 30 crore in a span of only four years from 2018 to 2022, is said to be following her own case closely on television while lodged at Jharpada special jail in Odisha capital.

She is keeping to herself and not interacting much with her co-inmates in the female ward, a jail official was quoted as saying by the TNIE.

“Archana mostly watches the news till 10 pm when the television is usually switched off,” the official said, adding that she has shown no signs of stress or anxiety. She has also expressed no willingness to work like many other UTPs though it is not mandatory.

When asked if she had shown any sign of remorse or regret after her arrest, the official answered in negative.

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The report further said she had not bought anything from the jail canteen like biscuits, mixtures, snacks, dry fruits and fruits with Rs 500 deposited by her lawyer recently. She consumes the regular prison diet, it added.

Archana seems as intriguing as her rags-to-riches story, which is now being made into a film, Mayabini, in Odisha. She owns a palatial house with imported interior decorations, luxury cars, four high-breed dogs and a white horse. The 26-year-old reportedly earned a fortune by extorting money from rich and influential people such as politicians, businessmen and film producers with threats of making photos and videos of their intimate moments public.

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