Know The Revised Timings Of Visakha Special & Rayagada-Guntur Special Trains

Bhubaneswar: The timings of Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad Visakha Special and Rayagada-Guntur Special have been revised at some stations under East Coast Railway jurisdiction with effect from September 17.

The revised timings are as follows:

07015 Bhubaneswar-Secunderabad Visakha Special from Bhubaneswar will reach Tilaru at 13.17 hrs and halt for 2 minutes.

The train will reach Srikakulam Road at 13.35 hrs and depart at 13.37 hrs; it will reach Ponduru at 13.50 hrs and depart at 13.52 hrs; Chipurupalli at 14.10hrs; Vizianagaram at 14.40 hrs and depart at 14.45 hrs; Kottavalasa at 15.13 hrs and depart at 15.15 hrs and Simhachalam North at 15.28 hrs and will leave at 15.30 hrs towards Secunderabad.

07244 Rayagada-Guntur Special from Rayagada

The train will leave Rayagada at 15.30 hrs instead of 14.50 hrs. This will arrive at Vizianagaram at 17.55 hrs and leave at 18.00 hrs towards Secunderabad instead of earlier scheduled timings.

It will run with revised timings at Parvatipuram Town, Parvatipuram, Sitanagaram, Bobbili, Donkinavalasa, Komatipalli and Gajapatinagaram Stations between Rayagada and Vizianagaram stations.

The timings and scheduled stoppages at other stations will remain unchanged.

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