KWAN Exploits Newcomers & Forces Them Into Drug Trade: Sushant’s Friend


Mumbai: Even as the KWAN talent management agency is under NCB scanner in the drug nexus case, Sushant Singh Rajput’s friend Yuvraj S Singh has made a sensational revelation about the company.

In an interview to Republic TV, Yuvraj alleged that KWAN exploited newcomers who wanted to work in the industry, and gradually forced them into drug trade.

If some of the newcomers refuse, the talent management agency makes sure they don’t get work and are thrown out of the industry, claimed Yuvraj.

Yuvraj also revealed that most of the A-listers associated with KWAN were into drugs.

“Bollywood heroines and models, who have done three or four films, are exploited by the talent management companies. They exploit them, put them in the drug trade and make use of them. And they also use them for a lot of other things. And men are also used in this. And those who do not cooperate with them, don’t get work in the future. They oust them from the industry. This is a very big racket of these talent management agencies,” Sushant’s friend said.

Yuvraj also claimed that Sushant was trapped and forced into drugs. Films were signed in Sushant’s name so that his money could be used in making films, alleged the actor’s friend.

“Films were being signed in his name and strategies were being made. Whether Sushant was taking drugs or not is a different matter. He was used so that he could be robbed and his money could be used in films. This had been happening for quite a while. A lot of people behind Rhea tried to trap Sushant, a lot of big producers are also involved, famous directors are also involved. So this is a very big web that will keep on unraveling now”, Yuvraj told the TV channel.

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