Life In Reverse: Man Drives In Back Gear For 16 Km!

Salem: Anyone who knows driving has applied the back gear, only when necessary.

But listen to this: A person from Tamil Nadu drove in reverse gear over a distance of 16 kilometres and 140 metres!

A 35-year-old man called Chandramouli set out to create a record in driving in reverse mode Tamil Nadu’s Salem district.

A passionate driver, Chandramouli took precautions in driving backwards on Edappadi Bypass. He took 29 minutes and 10 minutes to cover the distance in the presence of an authorized referee advocate.

Chandramouli broke the record of 22-year-old Tesson Thomas, from Pathanamthitta of Kerala. Thomas had earlier driven for 30 minutes in reverse gear covering 14.2 km.

Explaining the reason behind his reverse drive, Chandramouli said he wanted youngsters to understand the importance of safety.

He added that young people should refrain from two-wheeler or four-wheeler stunts on public roads, but if they do engage in such adventurous acts, all safety measures must be adopted.

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