Lockdown Routines : Chetan Titre Is Learning To Be Self-Reliant, Working On Improving Skills

In our Special Series, Chetan Titre of MTV Splitsvilla 11 fame tells OB how he's trying out different wardrobes, keeping his upcoming work in mind.

The imposed Nation-wide Lockdown since March 25, has brought-down everything into standstill, putting a pause to many cinematic activities too.

Amidst a difficult time for budding Actors,  former Mr. Glam India Chetan Titre has started utilizing this lockdown as a boon for him, learning to be Self-reliant for upcoming times to come.

Keeping in mind for the new Assignments to come, the versatile youth icon is fully cautious about the life after lockdown, engaging himself in different activities like reading books, mediation, regular exercise and trying new outfits to be in tune, once this situation gets rid of.

The youth modelling sensation is currently staying at one place, doing all his day-to-day routine work himself like cleaning his own utensils, for which he is obliged. He is also graceful to have lots of time to work on his voice, his body language, and his visions, and also learning the way of living.

The former Splitsvilla contestant is now optimistic for his upcoming pop-ups, which are scheduled to take place post lockdown. “A lot of things are popping out after lockdown. One of them is a music video for T-Series, which is scheduled for a shoot in Dubai, and there are a lot of surprises, which I don’t want to reveal. I want my fans to be curious to know about my next move,” he says.

Chetan is also dedicating his lockdown time to his pet Sheru, a four-month-old kitten, whom Chetan calls his son/daughter.

Chetan believes this lockdown has taught him a lot of things. The mantra of surviving in this lockdown is to have a good mindset. This includes changing our clothes every day. This way, we build new vibes in our mind and think of new challenges. At the end of the day, the important things is live the way you are, never bully anyone and try to learn new things always from every situation of life.

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