Gmail Turns 15; Remember Hotmail & Yahoo?

Do you remember your Hotmail, Rediffmail, AOL passwords? Chances are you don’t. The reason is simple – there are 1.5 billion active Gmail users today. It is the service that changed emails. It was launched with an ever-expanding mailbox, starting at 1GB when competitors were giving just 10-20MB of free storage. Coupled with reliable spam filtering techniques and ever-increasing Google’s ecosystem of mobile apps, it soon became the de-facto email facility for a majority of people across the globe.

Today the second largest email provider, Yahoo, has just 228 million active users.

Google now offers 15GB of free space and supports up to 50MB of attachment size.

Having turned 15, Gmail is now more intelligent than ever. It uses AI and machine learning to predict your writings. You can soon schedule mails to be sent “tomorrow morning”, “tomorrow afternoon”, “Monday morning” or customise the date and time.

Google recently announced that it is rolling out AMP for Email that will allow users to respond to a comment thread in Google docs, fill-forms within the message, or schedule a meeting, everything from the email message itself.

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