Man Hires Fake COVID-19 Workers To Poison Wife’s Alleged Lover & Family In Delhi

New Delhi: Extraordinary situations lead to unique responses and unique ideas!

A man in Delhi made the best use of the lockdown to square it out with his wife’s alleged lover. He hired two women to pose as health workers and poisoned three people, allegedly as an act of revenge after suspecting his wife’s extra-marital affair, Delhi Police said on Thursday, after arresting the accused.

Pradeep, 42, suspected that his wife was having an affair with a Home Guard. The two women he had hired reached the Home Guard’s house in north Delhi’s Alipur area on Sunday and gave the man and his three family members a bottle filled with a poisonous liquid to drink, saying that it is a medicine to prevent COVID-19, officials said.

The family felt sick and were rushed to a nearby hospital by neighbours where they are recovering.

The two women have been identified through CCTV footage and arrested. They admitted to being bribed by the man for the job, police said.



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