Man On Walking Mission To Promote Awareness On COVID-19 Reaches Odisha’s Berhampur

Berhampur: A Viswanath alias Ravi is on a walking mission to spread awareness on COVID-19. Starting from Kharagpur in West Bengal, he aims to terminate his walkathon in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh.

Ravi started the walk from Kharagpur November 10. After covering more than 500 km in the last 18 days, he reached Berhampur on Saturday. He aims to reach Tirupati within three months covering 1700 km.

Walking around 25 to 30 kms daily, Ravi usually stays in temples or roadside ‘dhabas’ at night and starts walking during day time to spread awareness among people about COVID-19. He communicates with the people in Telugu and Hindi.

“I would inform the public about COVID-19 precautions till availability of vaccine and its complete eradication. I would pray to Lord Tirupati to save the mankind from the disease,” he said.

A resident of Jai Hind Nagar in Kharagpur, Ravi works in a private office and has opened a betel shop for his livelihood. He had earlier travelled 1430 km from Kharagpur to Hyderabad on a bicycle to promote awareness on the environment in April, 2015.

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