Mathas Play A Crucial Role In Rath Yatra

Puri: Mathas play a very crucial during the Ratha Yatra. Many customs and rituals of the car festival depend on the Mathas.

The different Mathas in Puri district are connected with Shri Mandir for various services to deities. Starting from Bhog to attire, Gajanan Besa, Padma Besa, Masal, making of Padaka, Jambura and Trimundi Chandua etc are prepared in Mathas.

Some of the Mathas which give services and supplies and all other necessary items to the temple during Ratha Yatra and Bahuda Yatra are:

Raghaba Das Matha:

Before Ratha Yatra, this Matha supplies Kanaka Mundi and Prava made of wood to the Shri Mandir Anasara Pindi. This Matha also gives Bhoga and sesame oil in Anasara rituals. On Ekadasi, the Matha gives seven kilogram of sandal wood and serves Bhoga also. The Matha also provides clothes, Tahia, flowers and Bije Tuli etc during Ratha Yatra.

Gobardhan Matha:

On the day of Ratha Yatra, Gobardhan Matha provides Panti Bhoga, which is offered to deities during Pahandi Bije. Likewise, Panti Bhoga are also offered in Gundicha Temple and during Bahuda Pahandi.

As per tradition, Matha’s Peethadhisa Jagadguru Sankaracharya have to do Darshan of the deities on the Ratha.


Gopala Tirtha Matha:

On the day of Shri Gundicha, Khichdi Bhog of the Matha is offered to the deities. This Matha also provides Puri, Sola and Mahana Bhoga on the occasion of Sunavesha.

Jatia Babaji Matha:

Every year, the Puri temple office sends a letter to Shri Bijayakrushna Matha president in Banaras to give four Bije Dories for the Pahandi Niti rituals of deities. Shri Bijayakrushna Matha gives two Bije Dories before Ratha Yatra, through Jatia Babaji Matha in Puri.

Bada Odia Matha:

Like Raghaba Das Matha, Bada Odia Matha also involved directly in Ratha Yatra. During ‘Anasara’, this Matha provides Bhog and sesame oil for Phuluri lagi.

Specifically, on ‘Netra Utsav’, this Matha has a crucial role. This Matha also provides all the necessary items for Adharapana.

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