MBBS Programme In AIIMS Set To Become Expensive

Health Ministry Has Asked for Review of Both Tuition Fee And User Charges

New Delhi: Studying medicine in AIIMS is set to become expensive as the Health Ministry has asked for a review of the fee structure in all the centres.

The ministry has asked the Central Institute Body (CIB) of AIIMS to review user charger of patients as well of the six regional institutes.

News agency ANI quoted a senior ministry official as saying that both the tuition fee as well as the user charges have not been revised for the last 50 years and 25 years respectively despite rapid advancement in the medical domain.

At present, the total tuition fee of a student for the MBBS programme comes to roughly about Rs 7,640. Some media reports shared a cost analysis suggesting that AIIMS spends about Rs 1.84 crore to train an MBBS doctor.

“The matter had been discussed in previous meetings of CIB and it was thought that the current fee is very low and there was a need for revision. Most of the students coming to AIIMS would be able to afford a nominal increase in the fee. The same goes for the user charges, which haven’t been revised in years. In both cases, if there is someone below the poverty line, then appropriate exemptions will be made,” Hindustan Times quoted a ministry official as saying.

Admission to AIIMS will be conducted through NEET from the coming academic session.

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