Motorcyclist Fined Rs 22500 In Odisha

In yet another case of hefty penalty imposed on motorists after implementation of the amended MV Act, a motorcyclist in Balangir on Sunday was fined Rs 22,500 for traffic violations.

Sushant Kumar Meher, a resident of Belpada, was fined for driving under influence of alcohol, not wearing a helmet, and other violations.

He has been charged the following:
Rs 500 for general offence
Rs 2000 for disobeying orders
Rs 5000 for failing to produce valid Driving Licence
Rs 5000 for rash driving
Rs 10,000 for drunken driving

The violator, however, said that he was not drunk and his only offence was that he was rising without a helmet. He also said that it was not in a position to pay such a huge fine.


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