Netflix Says Sorry To Indian Expat In Sharjah! Find Out Why


An Indian expat in Sharjah has been receiving calls from unknown numbers asking for “Isa” since August 15.

Kunhabdulla, a native of Kerala, uses the number that was shown in an episode of the blockbuster Netflix series, ‘Sacred Games’. His number became public in the subtitles of a scene where an undercover Indian agent from Kenya gives a chit to Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) having the number of gangster Isa. The number wasn’t visible in the scene, but it was shown in the subtitles.

The Indian expat, has who never heard of ‘Sacred Games’, is perplexed and angry on being disturbed with unsolicited calls from India, Pakistan and Nepal.

Netflix has apologised to Kunhabdulla, who works for an oil company in Sharjah. “We apologise for any inconvenience caused. As soon as we were alerted to the situation, we resolved the issue and removed the phone number from the subtitles,” Netflix said in a statement to Gulf News on Monday.

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