Odisha STA Drive Home Helmet Message With OTT Show ‘Panchayat’

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha State Transport Authority has time and again utilised concepts from popular movies and sporting events to send across a message on road safety.

This time STA has used the popular OTT series ‘Panchayat’ to send across a message on wearing helmets while riding two-wheeler.

The STA tweeted:  Friend: We have to go nearby, no need of helmet. Responsible citizen: “Ye sab main comfortable nahi hun mai.” Phulera or any place in Odisha always wear helmet.

Phulera is a sleepy village in Uttar Pradesh. The villagers of Phulera are rarely spotted wearing a helmet and even the protagonist Abhishek (Jitendra Kumar), a city-bred engineering graduate who reluctantly relocated to Phulera as gram panchayat secretary (Sachiv ji) too does not wear one.

Panchayat Season 2 has been winning viewers hearts for its relatability with the masses and depiction of rural India. The STA too seems to have put this to good use to send across a message on wearing helmet, distance and place where you are riding do not matter.

This is not the first time STA Odisha has used popular themes to drive its campaign. Last month, STA devised a campaign on road safety using the popularity and success of multi-lingual film RRR. Later, it used strategic ‘Time Out’ of T20 league to promote its road safety campaign,

With RRR theme the STA twisted the original slogan ‘Rise, Roar, Revolt’  to ‘Responsible’, ‘Road’, ‘Rides’ and said RRR can take you to your destination safely. Always wear a helmet whether you are a driver or pillion rider.

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