Odisha’s IIM Graduate On A Mission To Take Berhampur Papad To Global Market

Berhampur: Berhampur city in Odisha’s Ganjam district is a delight for foodies, offering a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies at eateries spread across the city. Its mouth-watering pickles (achar) and crispy papad, which are equally loved by food lovers, are set to be launched in global platforms.

Considering the high quality and taste of Berhampur papad, Satyabrata Muni, a local youth and graduate from Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad, has taken up the task to make it globally famous.

For the purpose, Satyabrata, left the lucrative managerial job at Mahindra company one year ago and launched ‘IIM Papadwala’ 8 months back. In a short time, his products and company have been established and earned good reputation in the market.

‘IIM Papadwala’ is now producing 20 varieties of papad including drumstick, mushroom and others at reasonable prices. “We have recruited 45 employees and 35 of them are wholly devoted to preparing papad and others are in the sales and managerial cadre”, said Satyabrata.

Satyabrata made up his mind to start something new after the health condition of his parents staying in Berhampur deteriorated during COVID pandemic and both were treated hospitalised. “First of all, I consider that family matters most and we must take care of our parents. Secondly, there are immense business opportunities in Odisha and thirdly, our people are deprived of getting quality papads though Berhampur is famous for it. So I thought it was the right time and opted to take up entrepreneurship,” he said.

Prior to launching the ‘IIM Papadwala’, Satyabrata and his friend Anurag travelled to various places including the interiors of Ganjam and even Sompeta in Andhra Pradesh and surveyed the preparation of papad in detail.

“We have explored the online market and found good support for our endeavour. Besides catering to entire Odisha market, we have planned to take Berhampur papad to doorsteps worldwide,” said Satyabrata.

“Though Berhampur papad is very crispy and tasty, it has no brand name yet. We would present the papad in the market in a systematic process,” said Anurag.

Both have opened a stall in Gopalpur Beach Festival and are doing brisk business.

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