Odisha’s ITI Berhampur Gets A ‘Flying Car’ Designed By Its Students

Berhampur: Students of the Odisha Government-run Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Berhampur, installed a flying car on the occasion of National Technology Day, on May 11.

The revolving car, second of its kind in India, rotates at one RPM.

Designed and developed by ITI students using their technical skills, the flying car is powered by a 2 HP, 3 Phase squirrel cage induction motor with a speed of 1480 RPM.

The ITI students have reduced the speed to 1 RPM through five stages using V pully, helical gears and bevel gears. The driving shaft is supported by two tapper roller bearings and one Bell threst bearing which takes the load of the car, a student explained.

Most of the parts are from scrap and the car has been designed and developed in the CNC tool room and turner workshop of the institute.

The students’ ‘creation’ has been praised by noted technocrats from across the country.

Principal Dr Rajat Kumar Panigrahy expects the innovative car to attract a large number of visitors as well as mechanical degree and diploma students to the institute.

Notably, ITI Berhampur had developed 15 innovative products during the first wave of COVID-19 in 2020 and helped the government in the fight against the pandemic. Of these, four products were patented and being published in the patent journal.

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