‘Pathaan’ Controversy: Shah Rukh Advised To Watch ‘Objectionable’ Film With Daughter

Bhopal: The controversy over upcoming film ‘Pathaan’, featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, won’t die down in a hurry.

The actors and filmmakers have been under attack since the first song ‘Besharam Rang’ was released last week.

Politicians and Hindu organisations have taken offence at objectionable scenes and certain clothes worn by Deepika, threatening to ban the film unless those portions are removed.

After Madhya Pradesh Home minister Narottam Mishra, the state’s Speaker in Assembly Girish Gautam has spoken his mind.

Taking a jibe at Shah Rukh, Gautam advised the actor to watch the film with his daughter (Suhana Khan).

“Shah Rukh should watch this film with his daughter, upload a picture and tell the world that he is watching it with his daughter,” the Speaker said.

“This (film) should definitely not be allowed. Will you dish out whatever you feel like? I want to openly say — make one such film on Prophet Muhammad and release it in the name of freedom of expression. There will be bloodshed across the world,” he added.

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Like Mishra, Gautam demanded a ban on the release of ‘Pathaan’.

The issue is likely to be discussed in the Assembly by ruling BJP.

Senior Congress leaders have also opposed the film.

“It’s not about Pathan, but paridhan (clothes),” said former Union minister Suresh Pachouri.

He added that in Indian culture if any woman wears such clothes and poses publicly in a scene, she will not be accepted by anyone — be it Hindus, Muslims, or followers of any other religion.

Leader of the Opposition Dr Govind Singh said it’s “against our values.”

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