‘Pathaan, Jawaan & Dunki Will Be Hits’: There’s No Arrogance In The Statement, Shah Rukh Khan Explains

New Delhi: Shah Rukh was recently in Sharjah to attend the 41st edition of the Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF) 2022 at the Expo Centre. He also received the Global Icon of Cinema and Cultural Narrative award at the event. A video of him from the event revealed if he is nervous about his forthcoming films.

Talking to Faye D’Souza, Shah Rukh replied how he might sound arrogant about his pre-release sentiments. He said, “People think I am pompous if I answer it the way, I answer honestly. I don’t think I need to be nervous. They (films) all are going to be superhit films. I would like to explain the lack of arrogance in this statement–that’s the belief I sleep with and wake up with. That is the belief that makes me, at the age of 57, go do stunts, jump, work 18 hours a day. Because if I did not have the belief, at the end of it all, I am doing to make a great product lots of people are going to like, I would not be able to do it.”

“This is not an arrogant statement this is what I believe as I sit there. I am not nervous. I think they are wonderful films. it’s a child-like belief, that look ‘I have done my best, prepare my best. I am going to pass with flying colours’. it happened to lots of us, at least to me, when I was a young kid. I remember acing my mathematics exam. I did very well and in result, I got 3 out of 100. But, I thought I really did well. Sometimes that happens with movies also. I do make a Zero, sometimes what I put in comes to effort and for, and it becomes Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,” he reasoned.

Shah Rukh also said he is excited ‘to see Shah Rukh Khan onscreen again.’ His film, Pathaan is set to release in theatres on January 25 next year. Shah Rukh will reportedly play a RAW agent while John Abraham will be the antagonist. It also has Deepika Padukone. He also has Jawan and Dunki in the pipeline.

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