Petrol Price Slashed By 22 Paise


New Delhi: Petrol price continued its downward slide and registered a sharp fall of 22 paise on Sunday, bringing relief to consumers ahead of the new year celebration.

  1. With this, the price of a litre of petrol has come down by Rs 4 this month.

2. Prices of diesel was also slashed by 23-25 paise on Sunday.

3. While a litre of petrol was sold at Rs 71.15 in Kolkata and at Rs 69.94 in Delhi, a litre of Diesel was sold at 64.84 in Kolkata and 66.32 in Delhi.

4. Domestic petrol and diesel prices have been on a downtrend since hitting record highs in October.

5. In all, petrol price has fallen by Rs 13.79 per litre since October 18, more than negating all of the hike that was witnessed in the two-month period beginning mid-August.

6. Industry sources said as per the assessment, the retail prices of petrol and diesel may reign easy in the next few days.

7. The retail selling price of petrol and diesel is dependent on the international prices of benchmark fuel and the rupee-US dollar exchange rate. This is because a large proportion of the country’s requirement is met through imports.

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