Popular Indian YouTuber Carryminati’s 2nd Channel Hacked, Google Sorts Out Issue

Popular YouTuber Ajey Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati, had his second channel Carryislive hacked. The Google-owned video streaming platform responded swiftly to sort out the issue. 

Carryminati, who recently became the most popular Indian YouTuber with a whopping 24.1 million followers, took to Twitter on July 25 requesting Youtube India to help him, reported The Indian Express.

Youtube Channel Carryislive has 6.71 million subscribers and Ajey mainly uses it to stream live gaming.

Allegedly, the hackers changed description of the account with account details for bitcoin donation. The hackers are also said to have streamed the fundraising Gameplay for Assam and Bihar flood victims with the Bitcoin address to trick subscribers. The charity stream raised over Rs 10 lakh along with a personal donation of Rs 1 lakh by Ajey himself. 

YouTube blocked the hackers and gave back Carryminati the control, as confirmed by a second tweet by the 21-year-old YouTube star. The hackers are yet to be identified. 

While it is accounts and channels of celebrities or prominent people being hacked is nothing new, Carryminati fans took to Twitter expressing discontent and holding YouTube responsible for the hacking.

Twitter had earlier faced a bitcoin-hack scam when accounts of personalities like Elon Musk and Barack Obama were hacked.

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