Puri Heritage Corridor Row: Now, Plaques, Diagrams Surface At Site

Puri: Amid the ongoing controversy over construction work outside the Jagannath Temple as part of the Heritage Corridor Project, plaques and diagrams have come up near the temple, containing information about the project.

One of the plaques, believed to have been put up by the authorities, informs about the toilets, reception hall and information centre that will be built. Another plaque has information about the pillars that will be constructed. A diagram at the site shows in detail the construction to be carried out at the western gate.

The Puri Heritage Corridor Project aims to transform the abode of Lord Jagannath into an international heritage centre. The opposition BJP has, however, alleged that the state government was carrying out construction work close to the 12th-century shrine in alleged violation of norms.

The Odisha government has formed an eight-member House Committee under the chairmanship of Assembly Speaker Surjya Narayan Patro to inspect the construction work and assess its possible compact on the Jagannath Temple.

Jayanti Sarangi, BJP MLA from Puri, has alleged that construction work was being carried out close to the shrine without the permission of the National Monument Authority (NMA) and the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI). He said deep pits, being dug close to the temple, may create cracks on the walls of the temple.

On Saturday, BJD MP from Puri Pinaki Mishra said the NMA had issued a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to the state government for the construction of a cloakroom, mini cloakroom, shelter pavilion and toilets on September 4 within the prohibited 75-metre zone.

Countering him, BJP MP from Bhubaneswar Aparajita Sarangi said that the paper being shown by him in support of the project was a letter by the NMA and not a NOC.

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