Rajnath Warns Pakistan: ‘New India’ Will Give Fitting Reply If Provoked

Pithoragarh: In a stern and unambiguous warning, India’s Defence minister Rajnath Singh said on Saturday that ‘new India’ will give befitting reply if efforts are made by Pakistan and other adversaries to destabilise peace in the country.

“Pakistan makes all efforts to destabilise peace in India but we have sent a clear message to them that we will hit back. This is a new and powerful India,” Rajnath said while addressing the Shaheed Samman Yatra in Uttarakhand.

“We have given a clear message to our neighbour on the western border that if it crosses limits, we will not just retaliate on the borders but can even cross over into its territory and do surgical and airstrikes,” Rajnath was quoted as saying by PTI.

Without naming China, Rajnath said there is another neighbour who does not seem to understand things.

The Narendra Modi government had, in February 2019, conducted airstrikes in Balakot when warplanes crossed over to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and dropped bombs targeting a terrorist training camp.

Rajnath reiterated that India wants good ties with its neighbours and will never attack any country unless provoked.

“India never occupied a foreign territory. Having good ties with neighbours has been India’s culture but some people don’t understand this,” the defence minister added.

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