Rationale vs Tradition: Odisha Couple Gets Married By Taking Oath On Constitution

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Bhubaneswar: Here is one marriage that has become the talk of the town. Not because of its lavish scale or the usual trappings but because of its austerity. There was no pandit here, no pheras, no dowry and no matching of janam patris. 

Arijit and Shivalika are earning praise for tying the nuptial knot by taking oath on the Constitution of India and the whole marriage was solemnised in just ten minutes. Both had the consent of their parents. 

The couple has won admirers among the Odisha Rationalist Society, which has praised their decision to organise their marriage in such a simple manner.

“We always promote such marriages as there is no burden on the girl’s family. A middle class family faces numerous problems during their daughter’s marriage. The bulk of their savings is lost in making all the arrangements starting from hosting a grand feast to following traditional rituals,” said Devendra Sutar, a rationalist.

Members of the rationalist society also do not promote observation of rituals after a death. Rather, they encourage people to donate the body of their loved ones for medical research.



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