The Ride To Freedom With Bhubaneswar Bikers

Bhubaneswar: Rain failed to dampen the spirit of young bikers who embarked on ‘Independence Ride’ on Wednesday. The day began with ‘vrooms’ of the bike wheels as they drove from Pal Heights here to a jungle camp on the Marine Drive.

“We rode to the jungle camp in Puri which was our main destination as it had ample parking space and, was quite affordable for us and the organizing committee as well.
It is just behind blue splash water park and has a lot of outdoor activities and camping arrangements for the visitors,” said Siddiki, admin of Free Soul Riding Club (FSRC).

This was a unity ride of all biking clubs in Bhubaneswar, which included FSRC, Dominar Owner’s Club (DOC), Bhubaneswar Biker’s Club (BBC), RR310 owners, Wing Rider, and Riders Uni8.

“The main motive behind this ride was to bring together all the groups of Bhubaneswar so as to depict unity. There were around 100-120 bikes. We had expected around 200 but rain played a spoilsport,” said Dibya Prakash Rath, one of the bikers.

He said the experience was inexplicable. “The enthusiastic bikers added zing to the I-day celebration,” he added.

This ride was initiated last year with 250+ bikers to celebrate India’s freedom from the colonial rule. “We are going ahead with this and trying to make it a cult for the riders in future. The biking community is booming in Odisha and we really want to get along with every rider here and celebrate the common interest and passion that we have for motorcycling,” Siddiki further said.

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