Rs 33 Lakh Govt Grant For Three Odisha NGOs

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Bhubaneswar/Bhadrak: The surprise visit of Secretary to Chief Minister (Transformation and Initiatives) VK Pandian to the Centre For Rehabilitation Services and Research (CRSR) at Charampa in Bhadrak district resulted in three NGOs that provide therapeutic and rehabilitation services to persons with intellectual disabilities (MR, CP, Autistic and Spastic) getting a grant of Rs 33 lakh by the Social Security and Empowerment Department in three hours on Tuesday. 

Pandian made a surprise visit to CRSR centre to check the quality of food being served to the children and ask them random questions about their welfare. He also joined them for lunch. 

The three NGOs are CRSR, Shivanginee Institute of Child Development (SICD) and the Institute for  Self-employment and Rural Development under the programme of Rehabilitation of Physically and Mentally Challenged Socially Disadvantaged Persons. 

Pandian also visited the wards of Bhadrak district headquarters hospital to inquire about the healthcare services being provided to patients and their attendants.

Ever since Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik rolled out the initiative on October 2, the 5T secretary has been making whirlwind tour of government hospitals in different districts.

On November 27, Naveen even asked his ministers to undertake surprise visits to orphanages, childcare institutions during their district tours and have lunch there.




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