Russia Can Destroy USA & Europe With Nuke Strikes In 30 Mins: Elon Musk

New York: Elon Musk is a headline-grabber. Many call him an attention-seeker as well.

The world’s richest person, who recently changed his Twitter profile to ‘Perfume Salesman’ after launching his own perfume called ‘Burnt Hair’, has talked about nuclear missiles in his latest tweet on Saturday.

“Russia can destroy USA & Europe with nuclear missiles in less than 30 minutes & vice versa. A surprising number of people don’t know this. Of course, it would be MAD to use them, but it is also MAD to be in this situation at all,” tweeted Musk.

He was referring to Russia’s threats from time to time against the West, which has been backing the under-attack and battered Ukraine.

President Vladimir Putin on Friday warned of a ‘global catastrophe’ in the event of NATO troops clashing with Russia. Before that, Russian security council deputy secretary Alexander Venediktov said World War II was guaranteed if Ukraine gets entry into NATO.

“But surely no reasonable person would launch nuclear war? The problem with that logic is if we were dealing with reasonable people, we wouldn’t have war in the first place,” Musk further wrote, apparently taking a dig at Putin who announced a special military operation against Ukraine on February 24.

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