SpiceJet’s Hattrick: Cargo Flight To China Returns To Kolkata After Weather Radar Stops Working

New Delhi: July 5 was certainly not SpiceJet’s day. A cargo plane flying to China on Tuesday (July 5) had to come back to Kolkata for a fix after its weather radar developed a snag. After repairs to the faulty unit, the flight took off again.

On Tuesday, July 5, SpiceJet’s Boeing 737 freighter (cargo aircraft) was scheduled to operate from Kolkata to Chongqing. After take-off, the weather radar stopped working, following which the pilot in charge decided to return to Kolkata. The aircraft landed safely at Kolkata, India Today quoted a SpiceJet spokesperson as saying.

This was the third incident of malfunctioning for SpiceJet in a single day.

Earlier on Tuesday, a SpiceJet flight made a “normal landing” at Jinnah International Airport in Pakistan’s Karachi after an indicator light malfunctioned. The Delhi-Dubai aircraft landed safely at Karachi airport.

On the same day, a SpiceJet flight from Kandla, Gujarat, landed safely in Mumbai after the outer pane of a windshield cracked midair.

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