Stand-In Auctioneer: How Charu Sharma Came To IPL’s Rescue

Bengaluru: There were many creased foreheads when IPL auctioneer Hugh Edmeades collapsed on the stage on Day 1 of the auction.

A high-octane bidding was underway for Sri Lankan allrounder Hugh Edmeades on Saturday afternoon when Edmeades suddenly fell down on the floor.

As doctors attended to the Briton – who replaced Richard Madley as IPL auctioneer in 2018 – the top brass of Board of Control for Cricket in India, the organizers got into a huddle to discuss the next course of action.

It was confirmed that Edmeades had an unfortunate fall due to “Postural Hypotension” and he was stable, but he had to be under observation and wouldn’t be in a position to resume his duties.

A prolonged break was announced as officials searched for a replacement.

IPL Chairman quickly thought of Charu Sharma, who has been a sports commentator and also conducted a number of auctions for different sports events.

The advantage was that Charu is from Bengaluru only, and lives not far from the hotel where the auction took place.

Brijesh called him and was relieved to know Charu was in town. The former India batsman told Charu to rush to the venue.

“I don’t live too far from the hotel. So Brijesh called me and said, ‘just put on some clothes and run’… I was there in just 15-20 minutes. They briefed me for a bit and then we were on,” Charu was quoted as saying by Sportstar.

“I am also a regular auctioneer and have held a lot of auctions for several other leagues, except for the IPL. I was only doing what I did in the past,” Charu explained on how he was a perfect fit for the role.

Charu, who served as CEO of Royal Challengers Bangalore in the inaugural edition of IPL, is an active TV broadcaster in various sports meets.

“I am 62 and if the phone rings, I still work. If it doesn’t ring, then I play golf, tennis, and stay at home,” he said.

Edmeades, who returned to the stage towards the end of the auction on Sunday, thanked Charu for standing in for him.

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