Sunday Poem: A Lament

This is an excerpt from the section titled Lament of the poet's collection 'Trips and Trials: A Selection of Poems and Songs' published in 2018

No, I have no words for YOU.

thirteen months, no longer beside me.

singed my soul,

cheated me out of unresolved debates

on Mankind, its cruelty, its joys.

Cheated me of many unspoken words –

just OURS to know and smile over or be enraged!

The Rediscovery of India,

our Date after Retirement

to travel the length and breadth

of our beautiful land –

cheated of a moonless night at the Taj Mahal,

silently stalking the tigers at Simlipal,

our hushed whispers near Chilka Lake,

as we spotted birds from the Caspian Sea, the Aral,

from distant shores that enthral – as do

the Irrawaddy dolphins that take refuge.

No moonlit saunter

on a domesticated

Elephas maximus indicus

through Jim Corbett’s Park

or recall our silence in Nyeri

where he is laid to rest.


Scarred, for the rest of my days.

So Wise One,

is this Ultimate Knowledge

the end of Prarabdha Karma?

No, you would have smiled in disdain,

“Dead is Dead”.


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