Sunday Poem: Peace On Earth

Its cloudy
Maybe the rains will come.
Time stands still as I recall
the furrows upon your forehead.
Suddenly you smile –
and the wind whistles
through pine trees,
as a lotus blooms in all its glory.

The cleft in your cheek deepens
as some glad thought
soothens your mind –
and a peacock flutters
through the Ridge
we had often walked together.
A finger taps your cheek
as you ponder solemnly
on Life’s many burdens,
and rain-clouds
darken the mid-day sun.

You laugh hesitantly,
As some memory tugs your heart
and water ripples
across the lake’s surface
as if a puff of wind is at play.
Then as your eyes
light up with joy
your smile widens –
you flick a gnarled finger
across my cheek
and a calm descends upon me –
I have finally found
Peace on Earth.


(This is an excerpt from the section Love published in the poet’s collection ‘Trips and Trials – A Selection of Poems and Songs’ published in 2018)

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