Sunday Poem: Attraction

This song, set to Bahar-Ektal, was written by Dr Kasi Nath Misra (1898-1984) in Odia. It has been translated into English by the writer's grand daughter Jayshree Misra Tripathi. It is taken from a slim collection entitled, Sri Sri Ramakrushna Sangeetmala, published by Sri Pitambar Misra, of Cuttack, in 1981

Yet again, I wonder why my mind
is attracted to bow, at your blue feet.

See, tainted, I have smeared injustice, all over my ebony body.

Time and again, You say, take this path….
yet  knowingly, I wander far away from you.

If my path is fraught with danger,
You come running behind me, Your tears overflowing.

So often You beckon, come sit on my lap,
yet the further away from YOU I continue to stray.

Oh Lord, if You will not forsake me,
Bind me securely to your feet.

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