Sunday Poem: Floating Clouds

Varied shapes of clouds
keep eluding me
my perceptions remind me
of the faces and objects
people and places
known and unknown
and I keep attaching
meaning to the meaningless
beginningless existence
of my wandering mind.

Dark clouds impending
heavy rains and lightning
thunders and cold breeze
triggering love and
fear in me
an inexplicable experience
of your presence
in this bizarre world
where taboos and
social barriers rule over
precious human emotions.

Waited for the rain to stop
came out of the dungeon
of darkness of the night
walked on the grass field
and the poodles
inhaled the fragrant
morning air emitted by
the fresh flowers.

It kindled hope in me
to move like
free clouds rising above
shedding all
emotional entanglements
and keep floating high
in the sky
till I get rest in the abode
of the distant green
misty mountains.

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