Sunday Poem: The Immortal Song

When I close my
eyes and think of you
your song echoes
in my ears
though days have
passed by
it is still fresh
in my mind and heart.

Unfailingly you sing
morning and evening
before it gets dark
sitting on the branches
of trees
laden with green leaves
and you hop swiftly
stealing my glances
amidst thick foliage
close to my window
where I read and write
and contemplate.

Sweet song of yours
touch my heart
and make me wonder
whom are you
singing for!!!
Is it for me or you or
for someone else
whom I don’t know!!

When I get possessive
about you, I realise
how can you be mine
you are born free to fly
and captivity will
strangulate you
snatch away all your
freedom and joy of life.

Your song is eternal
gracious and divine
praising the beauty
of Almighty day and night
soaring high up in the sky
you shower love on us
making us to surrender
and be one with the
supreme of the universe.

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