Think Of Reusing Paper Before Recycling It; Here Are Eight Ways

Cuttack: Did you know paper = trees + water + energy? While recycling paper is an option, the process still uses water and energy and hence it should ideally be the last resort. Here are a few ways to reuse paper before sending it to the recycling bin:

1. One-Sided Printing

Have you noticed how many pages of paper lie blank on the back side? You can use them to print again or make notes. Keep a tray of one-sided printed paper next to the printer so that you remember to use them when required.

2. Notes

Jotting down your grocery list or doing arithmetic ‘rough’ calculations, use one-sided printed paper or bills to do so.


Thicker paper such as visiting cards, invitation cards can be cut and coloured as bookmarks.

4. Mats For Shelves

You can use colourful newspapers, calendars or old magazines to give your shelves a funky look. It also adds a protective layer for the wood.

5. Framed Photos

You can cut calendars, old magazines and the like and frame them as beautiful wall hung art.

6. Packaging

Paper is an excellent packaging material that you can use to fill up spaces inside boxes. You can also use brown paper or colourful ad prints to gift wrap boxes.

7. Window Cleaning

Old newspapers are an excellent way to clean glasses. Add a bit of vinegar or glass cleaning liquid.

8. Mulch & Compost

Paper with non-toxic prints is a great source of mulch for garden plants. You can also use add them to your compost pile as it is carbon-rich. Avoid glossy magazines for these purposes.


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