This Eye Drop Could Replace Reading Glasses; Check Details

Bhubaneswar: The United States Food and Drug Administration has approved an eyedrop medicine, which could replace reading glasses by improving age-related blurry vision.

The eye drop solution, Vuity, treats the condition known as presbyopia and provides a sharper vision for 6 to 10 hours. It starts working in 15 minutes and is most effective for people under 55 years old, who struggle to see clearly while reading messages on a phone or computer screen.

The prescription drug improves near vision by constricting the size of the pupil. “Reducing the pupil size expands the depth of field or the depth of focus, and that allows you to focus at different ranges naturally,” George Waring, MD, the lead researcher for the clinical trial, had told CBS News.

Except for mild headaches and eye redness, the researchers reported no serious side effects in the two randomized clinical trials conducted on 750 subjects with presbyopia. People may also have temporary challenges in adjusting their focus due to eye drop use, a report published in The Health Master said.

Vuity’s benefit over reading glasses is that it does not impair distance vision like reading glasses do.

A 30-day prescription of Vuity eye drops costs about $79, it added.


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