Tools Believed To Be From Paleolithic Age Discovered In Odisha’s Rayagada

Bhubaneswar: Prehistoric tools believed to be from the middle and upper Paleolithic Age were recently discovered by a group of students and faculty members of Rayagada Autonomous College near Anjipenta hill in Odisha’s Rayagada.

The group discovered 10 ancient tools presumed to be from the middle and upper Paleolithic Age inside two caves on a hill at Anjipentha.

The tools include scrappers, chisels, burins, hand axes and blades of varying length and width.

“This is just a preliminary examination. There are still many more semi and unfinished tools inside these rock shelters. More exploration of the site is needed to understand its antiquity and nature,” Damayanti Bag, faculty member of the college’s History department, who led the exploration, told TNIE.

She said that the findings indicate the existence of prehistoric society in this part of Rayagada town.

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