Twitter Suspending & Banning My Followers: Actress Koena Mitra


Mumbai:  Actress Koena Mitra has claimed that her follower count on Twitter has reduced over the past few days as the microblogging site has been drastically suspending and banning the accounts of her followers.

The actress said her followers informed her about the suspension of their accounts for no reason at all, according to an IANS report.

“Many of my followers call me and message me on WhatsApp complaining that their accounts are being suspended or banned for no reason and they don’t get to see my tweets on their timeline,” Koena told IANS.

Sharing the details of the reduced follower count, the actress said, “All of a sudden I have lost 300 followers overnight, I have lost almost 2 lakh followers in just 10 days over the time. I used to have around 7.55 lakh followers in 2018, which has now dropped to 2 lakh-something. They don’t let my follower count cross 2,60,000 or 2,80,000. The moment it crosses this figure, it gets reduced to 2,60,000. This has happened with me many times. I have lost over five and a half lakh followers since 2018.”

Koena, who is followed by PM Narendra Modi and many other political leaders, said that the Twitter management wants to shadow her opinions by banning her followers.

“Actors should be politically correct, but when it comes to voicing my opinion on something I tend to choose sides at times, even on political topics. When I see riots or chaos or a debate, instead of being diplomatic, I choose sides when I feel like. I think they don’t like it,” she said.

When asked if she has lodged a complaint with Twitter, the actress alleged that the microblogging site has ignored her complaints.

“I have spoken to Twitter directors and employees and have exchanged mails. But they have tried to avoid the whole thing by beating around the bush saying your followers have stopped following you. But that is not true, because I have spoken to several followers of mine. Also some of them have been extremely rude and arrogant in their behaviour with me,” said the actress.

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