Vegetable Prices Soar In Odisha’s Twin Cities


Bhubaneswar: Vegetable prices have been making a steady climb in the Twin City of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for the last few days, putting the people, particularly the veggies, in a tight spot.

Even as onion, the staple vegetable in every household, was rising every second day, other vegetables have also become costlier at the time of the year when the prices should come down.

Normally, when the winter sets in, the vegetables cost less due to high harvest. But this year, most of the vegetables cost more than Rs 50 per kg in the retail market of the two cities.

While the retailer say the costs have gone up in the wholesale market, the wholesale traders cite short supply for the unusual rise in the vegetable prices.

Following are the prices of some vegetables per kg in the retail market:

Onion: Rs 70

Bitter gourd: Rs 70

Beans: Rs 70

Brinjal: Rs 60

Pointed Gourd: Rs 60
Lady Finger: Rs 60
Cauliflower: Rs 50

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