Was Prakruti Mishra Invited To Event On Odia Film ‘Daman’ In Chennai? Check What Film’s Director Has To Say

Bhubaneswar: Ollywood star Babushaan was invited to the event. But was actress Prakruti Mishra also invited to the event in Chennai to promote Odia film ‘Daman’?

Speaking to a local news channel after arriving in Odisha’s capital from Chennai, Devi Prasad Lenka, Director of the movie ‘Daman’, said that Babushaan, who stars in the movie, was invited to the event but Prakruti was not.

“Prakruti is not in the film’s cast, that’s why she wasn’t invited to the event in Chennai,” he told the channel.

Babushaan and the film’s crew were invited to Chennai to attend Utkal Divas celebrations and an event to promote ‘Daman’ on July 24 being organised by the Utkal Association of Madras.

On July 23, after his wife Trupti Satpathy stopped their SUV, in which Babushaan and Prakruti were travelling together, and assaulted them in full public glare on the streets of Bhubaneswar, Babushaan had clarified that he and Prakruti were going to Bhubaneswar airport to board a flight to Chennai, where they had been invited to attend the promotional event on ‘Daman’.

Asked whether he saw Prakruti at Bhubaneswar airport, Lenka said that he saw her at the airport and that they all flew to Chennai on the same flight and stayed at the same hotel.

Amid all the news and videos circulating that day, Lenka said they thought that maybe Prakruti was invited to the event by the Utkal Association of Madras which they didn’t know but they found out that she had not been invited by the association.

Lenka was unable to say for how long Prakruti stayed in the hotel as her room was on the second floor and he was on the ground floor. Besides, Prakruti’s brother also lives in Chennai and she perhaps left for his house at some point.

According to him, Babushaan checked out of the hotel after around 10.30 pm on July 24.

Lenka said he and the film’s producer felt that after all that happened in Bhubaneswar, Babushaan should be allowed to recover and that’s why they advised him not to attend the film’s promotional event, as many more promotions of the film were planned in future.

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