Waste To Wealth: Students Of Berhampur ITI Design Flower Vessel Stands From Scrap Iron Rods

Berhampur: The students of the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in Odisha’s Berhampur city have designed beautiful flower vessels stands made with scrap iron rods collected from the demolished concrete structures.

The welding skill of the ITI students not only solves the space constraints in apartments of the cities, but also gives whole new look to the home decor. “While everybody has a weakness for flower plants, lack of space to put the vessels poses a big bottleneck. Keeping this in mind, these stands have been designed to accommodate more flower vessels in a comparatively small area,” said Dr Rajat Panigrahy, Principal, ITI, Berhampur.

Besides, this will give a new dimension to entrepreneurship also. While the waste rods cost Rs 15 to 20 per kg at scrap dealers, those can be cycled for such uses and sold at Rs 100 per kg, thus fulfilling Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mission of ‘Waste to Wealth’, the principal added.

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