[Watch] Anupam Kher Impressed With English Speaking Beggar Girl In Nepal

New Delhi: Actor Anupam Kher loves posting videos of ordinary people whom he finds fascinating.
On his recent visit to Kathmandu, he encountered a girl who lives by begging and also speaks fluent English, leaving social media users impressed.

Sharing this video, Anupam Kher wrote, ‘I met Aarti outside the temple in Kathmandu. She is originally from Rajasthan, India. She asked me for some money and demanded to be photographed with me. And then she started talking to me fluently in English. I was surprised to see her passion for studies. Here was our conversation. Anupam Kher Foundation has promised to teach her. Be victorious.’

In this video, Aarti is saying, ‘My name is Aarti and I am very excited to meet you. Thank you so much. I am from Rajasthan, India. Hearing her words, Anupam Kher praises her and says that she speaks very good English. Anupam asked how does she speak English so well?


Watch here:


Aarti says – I beg. I don’t go to school. I kept learning English little by little begging and now I have learned it all. Anupam asked- Why are you begging? You must do some work. On this, Aarti says – Because I am from a poor family, I have to beg. Anupam then says – you speak good English, anyone will hire you. On this Aarti says – no one hires anyone, they say you are from India, why come here?

Then Anupam Kher asks her why did you come here from India? Aarti says – Because India has the same problem, but here is something better. Anupam asks, which school did you go to in India? To which she says, I did not go to any school but I love to go to school, I want to go to school, please help me to go to school. She says- if I go to school then my future will change, I always ask people to help me in going to school but no one helped me.

Anupam then takes her phone number from her and promises her that he will help her go to school. Aarti gets happy after hearing Anupam’s words and says – I know that if I work hard in studies, then my life my future will all change.


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