[Watch] Cobra Rescued From Mixture-Grinder Packet In Odisha’s Puri

Puri: A cobra trapped in a packaging box of mixture-grinder was rescued in Puri district on Thursday.

According to report, the 3.5-ft-long reptile had entered the house of one Biswajit Pradhan at Kalyanpur village near Delanga on Wednesday night. When the family members tried to chase the snake out, it took refuge inside the open packaging box of mixture-grinder kept near the puja room.

The family members quickly closed the box and wrapped it in a gunny bag to make it escape proof for the snake. They then called Snake Helpline for help. They were advised to keep the wrapped packet outside the house and wait till dawn.

The terrified family, however, took the packet at least 2 km away from their house. In the morning, Snake Helpline volunteer Susant Behera reached the spot and rescued the cobra. It was later released it in the wild.

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