[Watch] Puri Jagannath Sibling Deities Give Darshan In Lakshmi-Nrusingha Besha; Know Day’s Significance

Puri: The sibling deities in Jagannath temple here have been dressed up in Lakshmi-Nrusingha Besha on the auspicious day of Baikuntha Chatturdarshi, fourth day of Panchuka, on Thursday.

After the early morning rituals like Mangal Alati, Mailam, Tadapalagi and Abakasha, the Sinhari Sevayats (servitors) dressed the deities in Laxmi Nrusingha Besha.

The deities take this Besha or avatar on Kartika Sukla Chaturdasi tithi (14th day of bright fortnight of Kartika month). The besha unfolds the truth that the powerful Nrusingha cult is given due recognition and importance in the Jagannath temple.

Gold ornaments brought from Ratna Bhandar besides thermocol,  jari-made Dali and colourful flowers were used to give the deities the avatar which is also known as Dalikia Besha.

“On this day, the deities are adorned with Dalikia Besha. One ‘Dali’, was crowned on the head of each deity. It is also known as Nrusingh Besha,” said Pandit Suryanarayan Rathsharma, a researcher.

On Wednesday, the devotees were allowed up to first Bhoga Mandap and have a darshan of the Trinity. The devotees were allowed inside the temple up to 11 pm. Likewise, the temple will be open for devotees till 11 pm on Thursday, informed Shree Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA).

On Kartika Purnima (Friday) the deities would be adorned with Rajarajeswar Besha or Suna Besha.

However, deities will not be allowed to have darshan as restrictions have been imposed anticipating large gatherings in view of COVID-19. Devotes will not be allowed inside the temple on the day.


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