[Watch] Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal, Family & Pet Rescued In Tractor In Bengaluru

New Delhi: The nightmare wrought by torrential rains in Bengaluru has not spared anyone. Clogged roads and tractors on the road ferrying people have become a common sight in the “Silicon Valley” of the East. IT employees in the city can be seen going to offices in tractors, while luxury cars like BMWs, Mercedes and Bentley are drowned and damaged.

In the midst of this mayhem, Unacademy CEO Gaurav Munjal too had to face nature’s fury.

Munjal, who founded Unacademy, had to use a tractor to rescue his pet and his family members from a submerged society. Sharing a video of his pet Albus in a tractor, Munjal wrote, “Family and my Pet Albus has been evacuated on a tractor from our society that’s now submerged. Things are bad. Please take care. DM me if you need any help, I’ll try my best to help.”

In the video, Munjal’s pet Albus is seen barking at the camera. The dog is seated on a tractor and accompanied by rescuers and his family members. The video was shot by Munjal from another vehicle. Commenting on the current situation, Munjal called it “bad” and asked people to take care. He even offered to help people who are stuck in the city that is currently submerged in water.

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