What Are Your Resolutions For 2022? Here’s An Expert’s Guide To A ‘Psychological’ Reset

The New Year signifies a new beginning. A chance to evaluate our highs and lows of the year past, and to move forward with a clean slate. It allows us a psychological reset or do-over, helping us map out plans, to wash our hands clean of the bad habits, and reaffirming our good qualities. Such sentiments have propelled ‘New Year Resolutions’ to the forefront of our culture, but just how effective are they? Hear what Sanjeeb Behera, a Counselling Psychologist in Bhubaneswar, has to say to understand exactly how to optimise your goals and aspirations for the year 2022.

No Accidental Achievements

“Nothing can be achieved in life without resolutions. There are no accidents, those are just paths being followed intentionally by our subconscious. With a strong mind and an equally strong plan you can overcome any bad situation, bad habits and come out from under any lasting impact of bad incidents,” he says.

“A fool with a plan can achieve everything, whereas a genius without a plan cannot achieve anything,” says Behera.

Be Honest With Yourself

“Before setting your resolutions, you need to test it out, to see if it’s set in the right direction. There has to be a certain genuineness to your aspirations. It has to be logically reasonable. The resolutions have to be carried out only after giving them proper time and due consideration, during their inception,” he says.

Behera gives an example of a friend, who has spent several years working on a New Year’s resolution of earning money through trading. He is strong-minded and stuck with his set goals, even though it has brought upon him only misfortune. This showcases how adaptability and assessment of the climate you’re in are very important commodities while working on your resolutions.

Beneficial To More Than Just Yourself

“Along with your chances of success and failure, you should implore yourself to look at the collective good that’s being set in motion, due to your hard work over the next year. This brings a sense of purpose and responsibility that helps us remain steadfast towards our aspirations,” he says.

Behera cites the ultimate example of Elon Musk, and his mission towards furthering humanity by establishing colonies on Mars. No goal is out of your reach when you are serving a higher purpose, and you understand the very specific role you are meant to play for the betterment of society.

“Two days are very important in one’s life, the day when you’re born, and the day you understand what for.”

Fragmentation Into Different Terms

“Your resolutions need to be very well-defined. There should be short-term, medium-term and long-term classifications. You achieve something comparatively immediate, in a short time, which will boost your confidence to work on your medium-term goals, then the cycle continues so on and so forth. This is a way of implementing your plans not just for a year, but throughout the rest of your life. Resolutions to work on your personal problems come first, for example quitting cigarette, tobacco, alcohol or any other vices. These are followed by mid-term resolutions to do some good each day, learn something new and do something for the betterment of your community, leading up to lifelong goals, of exerting your energy towards letting go of all ignorance, hatred, jealousy and hurt. More abstract concepts that actually have way wider ramifications for the people around you, and which also help put your personal addictions in perspective,” says Behera.

Write Down Your Resolutions

“There is an Odia saying, ‘Sahe katha, Eka lekha’. That’s the motto I live by and prescribe to all my clients. The visual medium is really powerful, so writing something down over and over is actually helpful for your mind. The exact repetitive childhood classroom mechanisms are not necessary when it comes to your New Year’s resolutions. You can use diaries and registers to jot down the important goals and your progress, preferably plain white paper and colourful ink. I use a green pen and good quality A4 size paper. The colour is a visual stimuli, and helps imprint the ideas and words from the pages into our mind,” says Behera.

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