What Is So Unique About Celebrated ‘Dhenkanal Bara’?

Dhenkanal: Odisha is very ‘cuisine proud’ with many of its dishes popular all over the world. One of them is the famous ‘Bara’ of Dhenkanal.

Bara is a favourite snack of the people in the whole state. This mouthwatering snack is much loved and prepared usually in households and served as a traditional food stuff in different parts of the state and country.

There are many types of Bara, with different variations and varieties but among them, the ‘Dhenkanal Bara’ is unbeatable. It is said to be the most flavoursome and appetizing. A crunchy and crispy texture from outside with an extremely soft centre, it is spongy soft from inside. When you take a bite, you can feel a blast of aromatic flavours inside the mouth.

The story of the ‘Dhenkanal Bara’ dates back to the early 19th century when it was first cooked and served at the collectorate chakk. From that time onwards, it has created a special place for Dhenkanal when it comes to food.

“We prepare around 30-40 kg of Bara everyday but it doubles during the festival season or any other special occasion,” said Premanand Prusty, a Bara seller.

‘Dhenkanal Bara’ can be a great option when you want to cook or eat something delicious and savoury. It is loved by all age groups and also, the preparation is simple and quick.

The most important aspect of the ‘Dhenkanal Bara’ is its unique process of preparation and ingredients that makes it different and the finest among all other types of Baras.

The key ingredients of ‘Dhenkanal Bara’ are black gram, rice flour, green chili, onion, curry leaves and cumin.

It is said that the aromatic fragrance of ‘Dhenkanal Bara’ is so high that if you try to hide it inside a locked room, the smell of its spices will occupy the whole room.

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