What Will ‘Sooryavanshi’ Director Rohit Shetty Call His Female Cop?

New Delhi: After Singham, Simba and Sooryavanshi, director Rohit Shetty is now ready for a female cop of the same level.

“Without a female lead or cop, the universe won’t ever be complete. We are waiting because we all have lost two years of our lives. Today we would be discussing my 17th film, not the 15th. Sooryavanshi was supposed to be released two years ago. I don’t want to make a small film. With a woman at the helm, my film will be at the level of Singham or Sooryavanshi. Till the time I don’t get that kind of a story, I can’t proceed just because there is a demand for a female cop in this universe, and I can understand that. Whenever I make this film, I want to make it into a bigger scale film for sure, ” said Rohit Shetty, in an exclusive interview with The Indian Express.

Asked what draws him to the cop universe, he said, “It is the love from the audiences, it is the love from the police force, it is the love from across the country. I don’t make films on cops to motivate them, but to support and celebrate them for the kind of work they do. See, good people and bad people are in all walks of life in society. So, you can’t blame all of them, the whole department for one or two rotten apples.

We had never thought of this universe before. When we started with Singham, we never thought that after so many years it would become one of the most popular brands. It has been a gradual process — Simmba did well, Akshay came on as Sooryavanshi and then all three came together in Sooryavanshi. We gradually grow and develop our skills keeping the business of our last film in mind.”

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